High pressure at work and in your private life drain your energy. You have a condition or you are going through a treatment that exhausts you.  The winter is long and dark and makes you listless. You are longing to get your energy and vitality back.  I can help you in several ways. I do not diagnose or cure diseases, and I do not prescribe medication. I cannot do miracles, but I can give you solid help. I can also teach you techniques so that you can help yourself - you get to take quite a bit of knowledge home. It's about wellness, energy, pain relief and better quality of sleep. In a consultation meeting, we identify your needs. Then we take a look in my toolkit, and we craft an individual programme for you. In some cases, we use only one tool, in other cases we use a combination of tools. The methods I work with are not targeted at a particular group of people. Both men and women of all age groups, fit or ill, can benefit greatly from my help. You can book  an appointment for treatment through the calendar or by phone. Do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in more information about Eden Energy Medicine, 'Enhetsterapi' or Boabom. I also teach courses - consult the calendar for availability and registration.